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More wisdom and wonders lasting now and again, with nature great, time helps create.

Josephson Institute of Ethics

Population Connection

The King Center

The Nobel Prize

The Pope Franciscus to General Audiences

World Health

UN on Climate

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Ask Nature

Carbon Footprint


Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide


Group on Earth Observations

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Keep America Beautiful

National Parks

Nature Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy


Confidence - compassion - clarity - curiosity
"Now just take it easy." -Donald Bellamy Sinclair

Contentment can be a retreat connecting in harmony to one's hopeful nature self-balancing tender energy in awareness of dignity, needs, and unity.


National Association Independent


Boys and Girls Clubs of America


Institute of Reading

National Wildlife Ranger Rick

Open Ed Resources

Read Write


The First


10 Lessons the Arts Teach by E Eisner

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I attempted to help address
UN Goal: 1. No Poverty

American Foundation to help the Blind

American Library Association

Aspen Institute

Charity Navigator

Common Good

Gates Foundation


Group Works Deck

Our World in Data



United Way



(生き甲斐 Ikigai by Wikipedia

UN: 2. Zero hunger
UN: 3. Health "no such host," yet?

Eat Well Guide

Feeding America

Food Insight


Local Harvest


Organic Center

Science News

Thank you also to good Companies and their friends.

"If you plan to build a tall house of virtues, you must[could?] first lay deep foundations of humility."
St. Augustine

Noble, yet gracious, humble guides risks, resilience, ...

Powerful, a haiku quad Seasoned Time poem Arising early
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On Quality
Every day presents times when quality influences life in the future; when practice and education matters, when discipline matters, and when awareness of detail matters. Thoughtful actions from gratefulness have helped to create and hopefully sustain what is wonderful (peace). Intangibles, too, have helped make days extra special.

International Crane Foundation/Origami Cranes, Audubon, and Beyond Pesticides

Air, earth, fire, space, water

In an energy of quietude, surrendering, blooms an essence, a softness of lot of love.

Thanks again to you and yours. God be with you.

Your friend,


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I dedicate this website to Nate. First Baby Joy, You grasp my finger with all of your hand and lead me away to your world of joy. -Love your Math and Optics and Carillon and Go, congratulations on 4 dan!

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