secular/sacred ref: The Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore,
1992 > Greetings! Happy birthday! Peaceful development,
patience, kindness. Regarding agendas/goals are
denominators. Url for adults. I appreciate correction.


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UN: ... on a healthy planet

Wikipedia: Go (game)

"The Tao that can be followed is not the eternal
Tao." BC, Lao Tzu, "Tao Te Ching" v1

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Yorktown fountain in night

(F. 2nd gen. CAN) blood Rh O- (I have a brother,
M. Math major) female, green eyes, left-handed,

^ peaceful development

self-softly-fail early? meditation?

Story Season by Lauren 2005

office un high commissioner human rights

International Federation for Human Rights

Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association
[11.2011 Buffalo NY]

Wikipedia: Thomas Szasz

help for remediations Citizens Campaign
end fracking

Int'l Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent

^ patience in womb

Water better late than never

Free benefit World Food Programme too

Population Connection woman + man, 2 babies and adopt?

anti-slavery Institute of Noetic Sciences

^ kindness help freshen air

The King Center

international physicians for the prevention of nuclear war

^ "And God saw that it was good."
The Holy Bible, Ch.1

1963 world day against child labor - winter 2017 ...

Center for Food Safety

The Nature Conservancy

National Wildlife Federation

Wikipedia: Ikigai

Sierra Club 1967-69

how to save the by Dave Pollard

Linus Pauling

Iran honored my uncle as a member of the Peacecorps in 1971.

Project FeederWa

The New York

began employment then donated blood too youn

Our World in Data


Care heartens life, underpinning with logic and presence.

Beyond Pesticides

Ready for an interlude surprise?

Josephson Institute of Ethics


The Globe and

The Epoch

iCivics Watercress Soup
by William Anatooskin there i am Lauren@SeasonedTime

Oak Hill

Habitat for Humanity

Science News

American Go Associatiion

Thanks again, ever so much, my 100 seconds are up, peace is a deterrer,