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Stay as well, to self-ethical ^ conscious awareness. Also see Select, which shows links and On Quality.

Time is a construct specializing for peacekeeping. To compliment humility would be my best. Thanks again. Have a good day.

"The way of the sage is to act, not compete."
Lao Tzu, BCE in Tao Te Ching

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Praise to math and science and bells... Thoughtful choices can create and sustain what is wonderful.

Effective before efficient
Of enlightenment uniquely centered, contentment can be a retreat connecting in harmony to one's inspiring nature balancing tender energy in awareness of simplicity, unity, and dignity.

Around the world, may timely arcs of justice ever reach toward the greatening of respect.

Everytown for gun safety

Mercy to concerted just peace, merry multilateralism
United Nations Disarmament Agenda

Will a website stop any launch of a WMD?
Global Zero, icanw, ippnw



Population Connection


US Debt Clock

White House.gov, USA.gov, Justice.gov

AAAdvancement of Science


Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Carbon Footprint carbon neutral by 2050, per UN

Awakening.int, with united artificial intelligences?
Agenda/Goals denominate
Peace through Stability, De-oppressing solidarities

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