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A courteous and gentle person, while generous, helped guide with flexibility.
2006, Oct 30, Without promises, I established an ad-free, independence url. For information, links
to organizations without my endorsement or financial gain are shown. Best, Lauren, RH O- M.

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Citizens Campaign for the Environment   .   Beyond Pesticides

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St. Thomas More's Prayer for Good Humor - Aleteia   .   en.Wikipedia: Ikigai

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Happy Birthday! Thank you. Best, Lauren ... My work respects everyone's rights, privacy, property, and time.

In 1971, as a member of the Peace Corps, my uncle F. helped Iran (and me). Independent.
Received a BA in 1985 from Wheaton College with <3 months at Univ. of Edinburgh, SCO.
Economics. I started working in 1979 and retired in 2002. -Hi S. Hi N. Homeowner.