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|seasoned time

07.25.1963 ... Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

International Federation o

|my study, 2011

|bouquet with gratitude

Go (game)         Ikigai         Chess

No first use         Global Zero, before retirement, 2027

|3rd of 4 needlepoints, 1985

Referring a few magnanimous organizations [without endorsement] 2006 - 1961.
40th, right-handed golf.

|beach boulder pain 1994 no b

intermittent fasting reducing food waste

Project Drawdown

Feeding America

World Trade Organization 1-8.1992 ITA - NY


U.S. Debt Clock


iCivics Unitarian 1-3.1984


edX Beautiful

Josephson Institute of Ethics

You\'', 1981


[donated blood too youn

Yosemite Conservancy camping

Project FeederWa

Sierra Club 1967-69 to

Citizens Campai Watercress Soup

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

National Wildlife Federation

International Dark-Sky Association

American Go Associatiion

Story Season by Lauren 2005


United Nations on Climate


Center for Food Safety


international physicians for the prevention of nuclear war

The King Center

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Population Connection


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Wiki: Thomas Szasz

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic [11.2011 Buffalo NY]

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers


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